Registration and Account Security for Members

When you register to be a Member for free, you are beginning your journey to ‘Write in Your Heart’ anonymously* and receive support from DEAR HEART and other Members; also, you can enlighten, teach, offer support, share your experiences, poems, writings, stories, etc. in any of the other forums (the Contributors’ Corner, Shout It To The World, Direct a Bible Study, Words of Encouragement, and future forums) and use your name, credentials, affiliation, etc. *However, for privacy in the “Write in Your Heart” category, please do not use your real names when choosing a Username.

By registering, you are agreeing to the following stipulations as part of the DEAR HEART Member registration and the DEAR HEART Declarations of Rights and Responsibilities:

  1. To register with the intent of expressing your feelings, challenges, goals, and problems, etc., with the desire to make positive and/or needed changes.
  2. To register with the intent of giving/receiving ‘food for thought,’ or prayers from others.
  3. To register with your email address and a password of your choice. Passwords must be 6-8 characters with at least one letter and one number.
  4. To never allow others to use your email or password.
  5. To never use any information to identify yourself or location in any way i.e., name, address, email, affiliation, etc. in the ‘Write in Your Heart’ section, which is your personal diary.
  6. To never use the name of any person, or organization or company or group, etc., in your DEAR HEART writings to express complaints or make derogatory statements.
  7. To never threaten or advocate harming anyone or the use of violence to deal with situations.
  8. To never represent yourself as a professional in a particular discipline without appropriate credentials. Misrepresentations could subject your account to being disabled.
  9. To never consciously lie about others or your particular situation, problems, etc.
  10. To never offer harmful and/or inappropriate advice to others.
  11. To never take heed or advice from anyone advocating you harm self or others.
  12. To never advocate hate, dissention, or biasness against any person, race, religion, or other entity and never use foul or unacceptable language as deemed by DEAR HEART.
  13. To never denigrate or speak against any specific person, organization, group or entity.
  14. To never give details to any wrongs or offenses committed such as naming a specific person or place or incident.
  15. To not register if you are under the age of thirteen (13).
  16. To not register more than once.
  17. To never copy, transcribe, transmit, scan, duplicate or make any facsimile of what is written in order to publicize or disseminate, distribute, or forward any writings in the Platform to the general public; however, each individual writer may do so regarding his/her personal, individual writings. Members who violate this policy can be subject to having his or her account disabled as well as may face legal liability.

Pledging to be a ‘DEAR HEART Member’

What does it mean to be a ‘DEAR HEART Member?’ When you register to participate in the DEAR HEART community, you are endeavoring to make changes in your life by utilizing the DEAR HEART Platform and Principles and the WRITE concept. Members may write in all platforms for free after they commit to the DEAR HEART principles, and pledge to the following:

  • Pledge to pray daily including praying the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Pledge to remember to praise and thank God Almighty daily.
  • Pledge to ask God to guide you and for His will to be done in and through you.
  • Pledge that Jesus is your personal Savior and pray through Him.
  • Pledge to read or listen to something spiritual each week (or more often if possible).
  • Pledge to help others as you go through life.
  • Pledge to uplift yourself and others with encouragement/positive words and phrases.
  • Pledge to pray for others and the world, especially for love and peace to prevail.
  • Pledge to tell others you love them and ask them to pass the touch of love on to someone else, i.e., ask the person(s) to then tell someone he/she loves him/her/them.
  • Pledge to try to practice the fruits of the Spirit (love, longsuffering, kindness, gentleness, faith, goodness, joy, peace, and self-control).
  • Pledge to refrain from judging others and gossiping about others.
  • Pledge to practice forgiveness.
  • Pledge to try to work out disagreements/misunderstandings in a Christian-like manner.
  • Pledge to take any hard feelings you may have toward another to Jesus (to overcome).
  • Pledge to try to practice honesty and truth and righteous behavior.
  • Pledge to guard your heart by guarding your thoughts, tongue, and desires.
  • Pledge to wear a heart sometimes as a reminder of your commitment.
  • Pledge to tell others why you are a DEAR HEART Member.
  • Pledge to greet fellow DEAR HEART’s by placing your right hand over your heart and bowing your head as a greeting and symbol of prayer for all.
  • Pledge to promote and exemplify the DEAR HEART principles and the ‘Write’concepts.

Implementing the DEAR HEART Principles and the WRITE concepts and pledging to TRY to practice the above could lead your heart and life to miraculous change, and thus, you CAN become a DEAR HEART; your heart can be home to the Fruits of the Spirit and blessings can begin to pour upon you and yours and the world in amazing ways. DO NOT PLEDGE UNLESS YOU SINCERELY WANT TO COMMIT TO TRY WITH ALL YOUR HEART TO UPLIFT YOUR HEART AND THE HEARTS OF OTHERS.

Benefits of Being a DEAR HEART Member

  1. You are making a public, solid commitment to be part of an Avant-garde group and movement to help change your life and help make the world a better place by using Bible-based and spiritual, principles, and teachings in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.
  2. You can form a local group (sanctioned by DEAR HEART) to meet for the purpose of edifying each other with principles, teachings, Scriptures, etc; to support each other; to expand the DEAR HEART movement; to organize charitable events; to brainstorm ways to help others; to remain strong in the DEAR HEART principles, and worshiping God, etc.
  3. You can write anonymously via having your very own online diary, yet, have other Members give you food for thought, share their like experiences, offer prayers, etc.
  4. You can write essays, articles, and give ‘food for thought.’ etc. (and if desire, can use your name, email address, and/or credentials, etc.). Also, you can recommend publications, etc.
  5. You can respond to essays, articles, etc. written by other Members.
  6. You can participate in any activities that will be made exclusive to DEAR HEART Members, including activities, contests, surveys, voting, recognitions, certifications, etc.
  7. You can qualify to become an official group or event leader in your community.
  8. You can qualify to be recognized for your efforts or an essay, article, poem, creative ideas, etc., which you have written and/or shared with the DEAR HEART community.
  9. You can qualify to be recognized for your effort and the work that you do to promote the cause and ideals of DEAR HEART founded in the ‘Fruits of the Spirit.’
  10. You can qualify to be certified for your accomplishments.
  11. You can qualify to be a Special Member/Leader within DEAR HEART.
  12. You can qualify for other activities designed and developed by DEAR HEART.

Pledge to Be a DEAR HEART Member

By pledging and registering to be a DEAR HEART Member, you are committing that you will try to be mindful of and try to practice the things noted in ‘How to Become a DEAR HEART Member.’ Your heart is the seat of what you are and/or what you can be. It is extremely important what you put in your heart because it will directly result in what comes out of it, and it can affect your very soul and all with
whom you come in contact. God is pleased when His children TRY to go in the way that He would have them, for it is the trying that can lead to perfection—practice makes perfection; however, God does not expect you to be perfect, but He does want you to try to go in the way He would have you to go. Endeavor to change your life for the better according to God’s standards: change within brings about change without. So, when you pledge to become a DEAR HEART Member, do so with sincerity and commitment to try to change your life and the condition of the world for the better. Try to practice the Fruits of the Spirit (Love, Long Suffering, Faith, Goodness, Gentleness, Kindness, Joy, Peace, and Self Control).

Register to Be a DEAR HEART Member

Registration to become a DEAR HEART Member is free.

By signing up, you are agreeing to the Dear Heart policies and terms:

– I am registering to be a DEAR HEART Member (free)

– I agree with the Dear Heart Policy and Terms and pledge to the DEAR HEART principles (as a Member).

Register as a Member (free)

*Please remember, when choosing a Username, not to use your real name. Otherwise you won’t retain your privacy in the Write in Your Heart category, which is supposed to be anonymous.