How to Use The DEAR HEART Platform to Create Change

After you have read the DEAR HEART specifications, i.e., Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities, Principles, Utility, Policy and Terms, Privacy Policy, General Information, and all other applicable sections that would define, explain, and/or inform you about DEAR HEART and how to use the platform, and once you understand the platform and have determined that the platform is appropriate for you, you are ready to begin your personal writing.

Once you are registered with your email and a password of your choice, you will use the same to sign in each time you visit the DEAR HEART platform. Once you are ready to write in your DEAR HEART Diary, click on ‘Write in Your Heart’ and begin your journey of change. You may write daily if you feel the need or desire to do so. Be sure to include the date of your writing at the end, and if you desire prayers from others, let the DEAR HEART Members know at the end of your writing and you may USE A PERSONAL CODE for others to follow your writings.

Members may write on topics that other Members have addressed in their writing. Some of the writers writing in the forums may be written by Ministers, Counselors, etc. Refer to the different forums to see if any Member has written anything or recommended publications that could be helpful to you.

If you are writing down any deep seated confession stemming from a crime you committed, be mindful that DEAR HEART is an open forum, and its contents can and, in all probability, will be viewed by many. You are advised not to be too specific if and when you might confess to a crime. Your discretion is advised as is noted in the platform’s policies, terms, etc.

After writing down your specific feelings, or problems, or desires or goals, use ongoing positive reinforcement and/or affirmations (verbally) to help with your needs/desires, i.e., if you are lonely and have written about it in the platform, end your writing with something positive such as, ‘God is always with me, and therefore, I am not alone, and I have the power to meet people and be a part of something, such as a group, a charity organization, a church,’ etc. ‘I will not feel sorry for myself.’ And remember to ask for prayers if you desire prayers from your fellow Members (which the Dear Heart Staff encourages). ALSO TAKE ALL OF YOUR CONCERNS, GOALS, AND HOPES FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS TO GOD DAILY. INCLUDE HIM IN EVERYTHING AND ASK HIM FOR GUIDANCE IN EVERYTHING.

You could also end your writing/expression in words with one or more of the appropriate statements or preferably choose your own positive statement that best suits what your concern/desire is and/or say the statements (with belief in the expected result/change) anytime during the day or night:

  • I know I can change, and I will change. I have already begun changing.
  • I rid myself of any and all (choose one or more or insert your own) guilt, hate, anger, unhappiness, etc.
  • I am attaining (fill in the blank of your goals, etc.).
  • I am obtaining (fill in the blank)
  • The money I need is coming (fill in the blank)
  • God loves me; therefore, I am lovable.
  • I judge not others.
  • I am mindful as to how I treat others.
  • I am not a revengeful person.
  • I love others as myself and will do unto others as I would have others do unto me.
  • I am growing in the oneness by loving all and pledging to practice good deeds, thoughts, and saying uplifting things to others.
  • I am growing in the oneness by calling on my Heavenly Father to guide me.
  • I confess my sins and ask God to forgive me.
  • I Accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and intercessor and ask for forgiveness of my sins in His name.
  • I pray to God for a blessing on my writing, which conveys my heart and feelings and desires and any change that is needed in my life.
  • I pray to God in the name of Jesus to guide me as to what I should do.
  • I call upon my Heavenly Father to help me overcome or shed that which is harmful in me and/or is a hindrance or causing me or others pain.
  • I am happy with the joy and peace that Jesus gives me.
  • I am (fill in the blank), and I will accomplish my goal to (fill in the blank).

What to do When You Are Ready to Begin Writing for Change:

  • Go to a quiet place to be by yourself for at least thirty minutes.
  • Light a white candle (optional).
  • Spend a couple of minutes meditating upon your situation (problems, concerns, hopes, goals, etc.).
  • Write down (Briefly in a pad using a pen or pencil) what is in your heart that needs changing, i.e. “I hate X (person)”) and then, briefly rewrite what you want to be in your heart, i.e., write down the change or changes you desire, “DEAR HEART, I want to love (X, and I will love X. The power of love lives in my heart).” This is just an example.
  • Click on “BEGIN TO WRITE IN YOUR HEART” platform write in detail what is in your heart and then the changes you desire—remember, you must rewrite/write over what is in your heart—and then read it aloud—your desire, goal, the change you want—and FEEL IT and EXPECT IT, and then ask others to pray for you and/or to give you feedback if you so desire such. You can have the DEAR HEART community to help you bring about change.
  • Meditate upon the change(s) and visualize yourself in the changed state, i.e., visualize yourself smiling at the person you hate. You must visualize what you want or the way you want something to be. See the changed you. When you write it, pray verbally for the change, and visualize it; you CAN change what’s in your heart and then live the change.
  • Spend a couple of minutes daily going over what you have written and the visualization.
  • Choose one or more Psalms (see the DEAR HEART list of Psalms) that match your needs or desires.
  • Pray the Psalm(s) verbally with faith and then add whatever your heart moves you to pray.
  • While alone say something similar to the following: “I call upon the powerful forces of good and the forces of change. I unit with these forces to destroy the negativity in my life and to build up and strengthen all that is good and positive within and around me. I desire a cleansed heart “and to be free from destructive ways, thoughts, or feelings within me. Any and all barriers including any enemies or dark forces that may be hindering me from being all that I can be and having a life of happiness and prosperity in the realm of goodness are being removed by powerful forces of good. Love is flowing into my life, flowing into my heart, flowing into my path, empowering me and shining upon me the bright light from the all-powerful GOD of the universe, who is the source of all blessings and all that is good. May His Blessings be upon me in the name of Jesus. So let it be written, so let it be said, so let it be done.” Then, use a model similar to this for your goals, i.e., “I call upon the powerful forces of good and the forces of change. I unit with these forces to achieve a life of (say whatever you desire; whatever your goals are). You may follow it with, “Any and all barriers including enemies or dark forces that may…etc. Use the above as a guide.
  • Blow out the candle (if you lit one).
  • Read what you have rewritten, i.e., what you want, and repeat the above—calling upon the forces of goodness and change, at least once daily for seven days, and then at least once per week thereafter while using affirmations daily until your desired change or situation has been fulfilled. You may also write down and repeat for another need.
  • Thank God with faith (as if it has already occurred) each time for the expectant change.
  • Surround yourself with words and/or objects or images of positive reinforcement/love.
  • Pray daily for change or help and give thanks and praise to Almighty God.
  • Ask others to pray for you.
  • Above all, you should pray for the needs of the world and for others.
  • Have faith and expect the miracle of change.

Begin to Write in Your Heart

Please check the Announcements before you Click On: Write in Your Heart (As a footnote, you may copy what you write and keep all your writings in a binder if you so desire). All that you write will be an expression of your heart and progress and for edification: it will be your diary to read over and reflect upon. If you do keep your writings, please try to keep them in order according to date written and reflect upon any change(s) that have occurred or any needed changes.

How to Respond to Issues in the Contributors’ Corner

As a DEAR HEART Member, you may wish to address some of the issues of other Members writing in the ‘DEAR HEART’ Platform. If you would like to address an issue, you may do so by writing an article, essay, or paragraph(s) regarding an issue/topic in the Contributors’ Corner. Be sure to address an ISSUE as opposed to a particular person’s writing in the platform, i.e., if a person were to write that she hates her mother, address the issue of people who hate or who hate a close family member, etc.

Using the Power of the Psalms

The Psalms are prayers and hymns of praise and petitions to the Lord which are said to be so powerful that they could bring about miracles. Since ancient times they have been held to be sacred songs or chants. Even the Messiah is said to have sung Psalms (111 through 118) with the disciples during the last Passover supper. The Psalms were inspired by God and given to His divine servants for them and for His children, and the believers, to call upon Him and His powerful forces to help, to change a situation, to comfort, to receive an answer to prayer, and much more.

King David, who wrote most of the Psalms, was chosen by God Almighty when he was but a youth because according to the Scriptures, God chose David because of what was in David’s heart. The Scriptures expressly tell us that “God reads the heart.”

The heart of man is where every thought, intention, belief, and feeling is seated. It is where the birth of love or hate takes place; it is where evil can root and smother the Fruits of the Spirit and thus, smother our Blessings—YOUR Blessings. One of the most profound ways to grow spiritually and have a better life is to have a relationship with God by drawing nearer to Him and TRYING to live the Fruits of the Spirit: love, longsuffering, faith, gentleness, goodness, kindness, peace, joy, and self-control.
If you have a need—which we all do—begin by rewriting what is in your heart, and call upon God in prayer and asking Him to guide you and help you in all your ways (or goals or problems). Make Him a part of your everyday life. Read the Scriptures and study to show thyself approved and use the Scriptures and Psalms to help with your needs.

Powerful Psalms that can help you with your specific need(s):

For protection-17, 23, 43, 59, 61, 91, 140
For mercy-6, 86, 119, 123, 130, 132
For faith-31
For hope-62, 39:7
For spiritual growth-42
For new strength-19
For fairness-7
For safety-71, 91, 142
For help-35, 40, 44, 54, 56, 69, 70, 86, 102
For God to rescue-25
For peace of mind-23
For comfort-23
For God to guide-25
For forgiveness-51:1-7,
For forgiveness-32:1-5
For God to help quickly-40, 70, 71, 140
For prosperity-1, 23, 37:3-11, 118:25, 122:6
For God’s blessings-90, 115:11-16
For the Nation-46
For the Nation when at war-60
To trust God-62:8
To stop being afraid-91:3-7, 27:1-3
To be strengthen-73:26
To pray for obedience-95
To try to do God’s will-19:14
To be blessed-34, 112
To show respect for God’s teachings-119
To honor God-119:117-120
To thank God-65, 92, 138
To praise God-33, 34, 66, 67, 100, 103, 104, 111, 113, 117, 150
To show trust in the Lord-131

To receive answer to your prayer-69
To overcome anger-37
To overcome jealousy-37
To rid self of love of money-49
To have a happy home-128
To refrain from sinning-119:9-20, 141
To pray for the nation-85
To ask for victory-108
When you desire to draw nearer to God-42, 63
When you desire spiritual growth-42, 63
When you learn of a false friend-55
When you need help with any concern-138:8
When sick-38, 41
When feeling guilty-51:1-7, 17
When distressed-25
When lonely-25
When your heart is broken-147, 34:18-19
When you have enemies-64, 83, 109, 129
When others are telling lies about you-12
When you are suffering-22
When seeking justice-82
When burdened -55:22-23
When life is filled with troubles-28, 57, 88, 107, 138:6-7, 130
When afraid-34:4-6, 46
When filled with anguish and sorrow-13:1-6
Petition not to be killed-143
Thanks for escaping death-116, 30:1-3
Thanks for victory-118
Thanks when God has helped you-28:6-9

Using Affirmations

Affirmations are silent or spoken words (that are pronounced, declared, affirmed and usually repeated) that are used to condition your conscious and subconscious mind, which when focused upon, can bring about your desired change: you can change undesired behavior or thoughts; you can accomplish goals; you can create; and you can be all that you can be—and more.

Before you start focusing upon and saying affirmations, you should think in the positive and meditate about what you want to change or accomplish and then select an appropriate affirmation. After you have selected the affirmation(s) best suited for you, write your goal(s) down. You may include your affirmations when writing about your needs/the changes you want to make.

You may create your own affirmation or you may choose one or more from elsewhere or a combination. You are not limited to what you can use so long as the affirmations are said and written in the positive and are very meaningful to you and you repeat them with humility and in faith—faith that they are powerful.

You should repeat your affirmations three (3) times at least several times throughout the day. Also, try to spend some quiet time in stillness with your eyes closed to meditate upon your goal(s) and then visualize the change or goal you are seeking. Refer to some affirmations listed below.

Affirmations that might match your needs/desires:

Not my will, Thine Lord, but Thy will be done in and through me.
I am happy and blessed.
I am becoming stronger and stronger each day.
My body is being healed.
The job I need is coming.
I am losing weight.
I am losing my desire to smoke cigarettes.
Cleanse my heart, O’Lord, that it may be pleasing to Thee.
Write Your commands, O’Lord, in my heart.
I am growing in the oneness of love.
I am growing more and more prosperous each day.
Let me remember others O’Lord, others O’Lord, others O’Lord.
As I draw nearer to Thee O’Lord, you said You would draw nearer to me.
All of my harmless goals are blessed and are materializing.
I am protected by Almighty God because I put my trust in Him.
My weaknesses are being replaced by strengths.
I am writing in my heart that which will make me successful.
I am strong and powerful in the Lord.
God is for me so who can be against me.
Create in me O’Lord a Dear, cleansed Heart.

Write in Your Heart

(Your Personal Online Diary)

The ‘Write in Your Heart’ Forum serves as your personal online Diary. Unlike other diaries, the Dear Heart Diary is designed for you to not only write about your life, but to write in your heart about the things you need to change in your heart and life and the things you want (while using certain principles and people to accomplish such). Also, the Dear Heart platform offers other Forums and teachings to help guide you in your desire to change your life for the better; and just as important, your fellow Members will help contribute to your growth with encouraging words, sharing like experiences and their knowledge and teachings and opinions, prayers, etc. Likewise, you can be a source of help to your fellow Members—your Dear Heart sisters and brothers. Working together, all Dear Heart Members can bring about positive change within themselves and in the world to help us make a better world as God intended. (When writing in your Diary, you should date your writings and use a code name/term at the end of each writing just in case a fellow Member might want to refer/respond to your writings).

The Contributors’ Corner

The Contributors’ Corner is designed for any Member to write an article or essay or share information related to issues of its Members or on any topic which could encourage or inspire Members of DEAR HEART. Spiritual or encouraging teachings and teachings from the Bible are especially welcomed ‘food for thought.’ Although all Members may write in the Contributors’ Corner, contributors with credentials or specified training or work experience can offer a particular perspective in a particular area (Ministers, Bible Students, Teachers, Counselors, Law Enforcement Officers, Public Officials, Community Volunteers, etc.). Members can also highlight or suggest certain publications (to include works of fiction and non-fiction, newsletters, magazines, etc.) that other Members might find encouraging or uplifting. WRITTEN PERMISSION IS NEEDED TO SELL ON THE SITE.

DEAR HEART will have the sole discretion, however, in deciding if an individual contribution meets with the DEAR HEART Principles, ideals, goals, etc. and is permitted to be used or removed from the Platform. Members might enjoy reviewing works that cover spiritual or Bible-based teachings or principles. Members can also include an excerpt from a suggested material.
All writings/postings in any of the forums are made with the understanding that DEAR HEART has the express right to use, reproduce, or publish any content written in any of the forums without permission from its Members and without any compensation or fee to its Members.

Direct a Bible Study

The Dear Heart Staff is calling for its Members who are Ministers, Pastors, Preachers, Evangelists, Bible Students, Sunday School Teachers, etc. to direct a Bible Study on a particular topic. The topic (of your choice) could be in one part or in a few parts—Part I, Part II, Part III. The Study will be to ‘feed the souls’ of the Dear Heart Members. Click on ‘Direct A Bible Study.’ Before beginning your Study, announce the topic and let the Members know if it will be in just one part or specify how many parts and then begin your Study whenever you are ready. A particular Minister, Pastor, Preacher, etc., may direct more than one study at any given time throughout the year.
After each Study, you may ask the Members questions to contemplate or (for Members) to ask you questions in the Contributors’ Corner, and you may, in turn, answer their questions. Any Dear Heart Member or the Dear Hear Staff will also be able to comment on your Study in the Contributors’ Corner. Click on Direct a Bible Study to begin.
Please announce the date of your Bible Study before hand in the Contributors’ Corner. Also, list your name, affiliation, church, address, etc., and feel free to invite the Dear Heart Members near your church to attend your services.

Shout It To The World

Did someone or a company do something for you or to you—or for someone else—that made you happy: well, ‘Shout It To The World’ is where you, our Members, can come to thank someone and/or give accolades and/or recognize someone for being nice, thoughtful, caring, loving, helpful, going the extra mile, etc. It is good to share these kind of things with others, and if someone touched your heart—SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD! You might want to recognize a parent, a child, a teacher, a mechanic, a friend, a company, a stranger, etc., for something that was done years ago or perhaps yesterday. Let the person know how he/she made you feel and how thankful you are or how wonderful you think the person is or just tell about how someone—even years ago made you happy (AND BE SURE TO THANK GOD FOR THE BLESSING YOU RECEIVED).
In the Shout It To The World forum/platform, you may use your name, or initials, and/or your city and state, and/or your company or organization affiliation.

Words of Encouragement

We are living in trying times. Very trying times. Many of God’s Children are going through trials, hard times, major illnesses, grief, heartache, abuse, as well as many other difficulties and challenges. We as Christians must share in the plight of others in some way, be it with prayers, encouragement, service, direction, or donations and or other resources.
WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT is a place for you, our Dear Hearts—to share your experiences, your compassion, your knowledge, and/or the teachings of Christ—to come and offer encouragement or perhaps, direction. So many people need uplifting words from caring people. Those Dear Hearts who write in this section can fill that need and perhaps, make suggestions to or inform others regarding local and national organizations or churches or spiritual groups that provide assistance or service to those in need. Also, you may tell of what you have been doing in your community or nationally or personally to help someone/others in need. When writing words of encouragement or listing/naming any organizations or church involvement, etc., you may or may not use your name, organization, affiliation, etc. Click on Words of Encouragement when ready to begin writing.

My Confession

The ‘My Confession’ Forum is for Dear Heart Members who long to release something that has been weighing heavily upon them.  Many people, during their lifetimes, have done or said things that have caused them regret, heartache, or emotional pain. The same holds true for things that have happened to people.  Some emotional pains are also being felt because of hurt and trauma that people are facing today. To hold on and dwell upon things that are causing you emotional pain (and sometimes physical pain), will only give more life to the pain.  You must try to release that pain. The ‘My Confession’ Forum is designed to offer you a venue to begin the healing process.  Undoubtedly, some people will need counseling or therapy, but some people may begin to feel better by confessing what they have done or what has been done to them: write about it; tell your story; release some of that pain or regret or shame.  You can make it as private as you want: no one needs to know who you are.  Just tell your story and then, pray about it (to Almighty God and Jesus) and ask your fellow Dear Hearts to pray for you. Keep the door to your heart open because Devine guidance and comfort may enter at any time.

Stories of Angels/Devine Intervention

Do you believe you have had a Devine experience or an encounter with an Angel?  Have you heard about someone else having had such? More often than not, people do have such experiences.  Hebrews 13:2 teaches, ‘Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.’ That Scripture speaks volumes to the fact that people do have angel encounters. The Scriptures also teach about how God has intervened in people’s lives and the affairs of mankind.  Take the time to Google ‘Devine intervention or Angels in the Bible’ and see what comes up. Devine intervention also happens today.  This is the Age of Enlightenment, the age in which many Devine experiences will unfold.  If you have had or know of such an experience, please share it with your fellow Dear Hearts.

What I Remember About My Mother/Father

Most people can recall something significant or touching about their mothers or their fathers.  Unfortunately, some things that come to people’s mind are painful or ugly; however, most people can remember and treasure certain things that their mother or father or both did that will bring on tears or a loving smile to their faces; and sadly said, some things that parents have done for their children or some of the sacrifices parents have made for their children will never be known; but some of you know about some of the sacrifices your parent(s) made for you and of the love they have/have had in their heart for you and their family. Please share some of the wonderful things you remember (or have heard) about your mother or father and what it has taught you and what still lives in your heart and how it has affected your heart.

Embarrassing Moments

At some time or another, we have all had an embarrassing moment. Would you like to share one or some of them with your fellow Member, Dear Heart sisters and brother? The Dear Heart remembers many and will be sharing some with you at a later date.

The Teen Corner

Our Teen Members will always have something to share with each other and other teens. It could be something related to school, fashion, the opposite sex, parents, vacations, movies, idols and movie stars, and/or other things that are happening in their lives. You may also write something related to teens or share something that you have read. This is the Forum for you to have a voice and to connect with other teens.

Military/War Stories

To the brave men and women who have served and helped to protect our Nation (as well as the World) to be a safer place to live; we commend you. Your serving our Nation has helped countless lives across the globe by helping our Nation to be strong and powerful. Thank you for all that you have done. Many of you have made quite a number of sacrifices, many which may never be known. Each of you is a storehouse of memorable stories and experiences that many people would love to hear about. Why not share some of yours? Why not let your fellow Dear Heart Members into your heart by sharing some of what’s in your heart?

Sharing Scriptures

Our Heavenly Father has given us the gift of His Holy Scriptures, which are meant to teach us, edify us, guide us and stand as a testament to who He is and whose we are. When we accept His Son as Lord and Savior and pray and read the Scriptures in humility and sincerity and place them in our hearts, we will draw nearer to Him and His ways-and He will draw nearer to us. Why not share (with your Dear Heart sisters and brothers) some of the Scriptures you read or have questions about or want to teach others about?

Prayer Requests

Are you going through something that is weighing heavily upon your heart? Do you feel at a loss or overwhelmed? Are you carrying a burden? Are you facing challenges that seem to be unsurmountable? Whatever you are going through, take it to Jesus and asks your fellow Dear Heart sisters and brothers to pray for you and ask them to also ask others to pray for you. You may use your name, initials, or a topic (I am losing my sight or my husband left me, etc.). There IS power in prayer, especially, the prayers of the righteous and many. Let us remember to also pray for one another (all of God’s children) continuously. Please read some Scriptures about prayer: James 4:3, James 5:16, Ephesians 6:18, 1Timothy 2:1, and Job 42:10.

The Power of Prayer

Throughout the Scriptures, we see how payer has made a difference in people’s lives as well as events. ‘The Power of Prayer’ Forum is designed for its Dear Hearts to share how prayer has made a difference in their lives and/or the lives of someone they know or perhaps, stories from the Bible or shared stories. God has always been at work and is still at work, helping His children. It pleases Him when we call upon Him and trust Him to help and guide us. The Scriptures teach us to pray ceaselessly. Prayer can and does change things and bring us closer to God. Search the Scriptures and see how prayer performed miracles. Read some Scriptures about the workings of prayer: James 5:16, John 15:7, Luke 18:1-8, Psalm 141:2, James 5:13-14, Philippians 4:6, and Colossians1:26-27, 2:1-3 and 4:2, 1 Timothy3:16, and Deuteronomy 29:29.

Secret/Mysterious Teachings

There are many spiritual teachings that are not in the main stream. There are also many things in the Bible that is overlooked by many as well as things that have been taught to the righteous that are mysterious. Sometimes when we read the Scriptures, we overlook something that is teaching us something very valuable. If you wish to share a teaching, lesson, or have a question about such, please share it with your fellow Dear Heart sisters and brothers, and pray for God to lead you in to all truth and enlighten you. Please read the following Scriptures: Mark 4:11, Matthew 13:11-13, Proverbs 25:2,

Reflections Upon Jesus

Jesus spent years teaching us many things. Some of you may want to share particular teachings of Jesus or stories that center around the life and mission of Jesus. Now, more than ever, we need to focus upon Jesus and what His life and teachings have meant and what they mean to our lives today. Our world is in such a turmoil, and it is through Jesus and by Jesus that we need Him and His teachings to be in our hearts and shared with others. Please share some of yours. Jesus even gave us a lesson on how to pray; do you pray the Lord’s Prayer (daily)?

Bible Trivia

What can more challenging for a Christian than to share Bible Trivia with fellow Christians? The Dear Heart staff call upon you, our Dear Hearts, to share Bible trivia with one another to stimulate your faith and knowledge and enlightenment in your goal of spiritual growth.

Uplifting Literary Recommendations

Would you like to recommend something you read (perhaps on a regular basis such as a magazine) or have read (such as a novel, articles, non-fiction, etc.) to your fellow Dear Hearts? Well, this is the Forum for you. You may even want to recommend something you have written that you would like to share with your fellow Dear Heart sisters and brothers. Just keep in mind that this Forum is to share uplifting, spiritual, heart-felt writings whether they are fiction or non-fiction. May each of us uplift one another as we strive to walk in the path of righteousness.

Humor for the Heart

Humor is one of the best ways of uplifting others. The Scriptures state that laughter is good for our bones. Laughter acts similarly to kind words and taking the Scriptures to heart and trying to live the Fruits of the Spirit. Why not share some of your jokes and humorous tales. Just remember to share clean, wholesome jokes. Have you ever heard some of the jokes that Joel Osteen tell? Please read some Scriptures about joy and laughter: Proverbs 17:22, Psalm 2:4, Psalms 126:3, and Ecclesiastes 3:1,4.

Loving and Feeling Loved

Do you feel loved? Who makes you feel loved? Who has made you feel loved? Have you ever felt loved? Whom do you love? What do you do to express your love for others? How do others express their love for you? Love is the greatest virtue of all. We must try to keep it close in our lives—in our hearts: we must feel it, treasure it, live it, share it and use it as an instrument of power and change in the name of Jesus. Please read some Scriptures about ‘Love:’ 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, John 13:35, Mark 12:31, Romans 12:9 and 13:10, and Luke 6:35.

The Forgiving Board

Are you holding on to hard feelings toward someone? Do you know how powerful ‘forgiveness’ is? We all sin and have sinned and need forgiveness. As we go through life, we may/will err and do certain things to cause others to have hard feelings toward us and vice versa. Some hard feelings or other feelings we have that are enmity to God need to be erased and over-written in our hearts. Every one of us should try to practice the virtue of forgiveness. If you are holding any hard feelings toward anyone, please pray on it and ask God to help release those feelings from your heart. This Forum is for you to list the people you have been holding hard feelings toward and to describe why (if you choose to do so) and commit to trying to release those feelings. You may mention the person by initials, title (daughter-in-law, neighbor, etc.) or just use the word, ‘person’ or something similar. The Forgiving Board will also serve for your fellow Dear Heart sisters and brothers to pray for you in your efforts to find forgiveness in your heart. Please read some Scriptures regarding ‘Forgiveness:’ Ephesians 4:32, Mark 11:25, Matthew 6:15, and Matthew 18: 21-22.

CAUTION: As a caution, never send any money to anyone for any reason or because of anything written in the Shout It To The World as well as in The Contributor’s Corner or any of the current or future forums. It is unfortunate that there are some people in the world who look for any opportunity to scam or defraud others. As Christians, be mindful, alert, cautious, and use wisdom if and when you might hear something that touches your heart. There are registered organizations to assist people whose situations cannot be verified by you.

DISCLAIMER: As a Member writing in the Shout It To The World forum/platform, you agree to not hold Dear Heart nor any of its Owner(s), employees, staff, affiliates, etc., liable for any claims by Members, negative outcome, loss, misgivings, harm, damages, etc. as a result of anything posted in the Shout It To The World or any action taken by anyone. The forum/platform is expressly designed to express gratitude, and tell others how someone did something positive, nice, wonderful, Christian-like, loving and caring, etc. to you or for you or someone else.

NOTE: Shout It To The World is designed only to recognize the good things someone did for you or to you. Any and all complainers will be barred from the website. Remember, DEAR HEART is a forum/platform for positive, spiritual, and uplifting principles.