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Dear Heart is on a mission to expand its Membership of Dear Hearts, who pledge to commit to the principles of Dear Heart.  We want all Members to surround themselves with hearts and other symbols of love and inspiration to show that they want to have the kind of heart that lives love and the other Fruits of the Spirit. Our heart is the seat of who we are, and how we live our lives. Let us be mindful of that, and as Dear Hearts begin by wearing hearts and other symbols of love and Christian living and jewelry that brings a smile to its Members.

Who Is Eligible to be a Receiver of Free Dear Heart Jewelry?

  • Members who have recruited at least one other Member prior to application.
  • Members must have posted at least twice in the online Diary ‘Write in Your Heart’ Forum and at least twice in one or more of the other Forums.
  • Members must continue to post weekly in at least two Forums.
  • Members must pay a one-time application fee of $15.00 and be approved to participate in the free jewelry plan. Click here to pay the fee securely using Paypal:

  • Members who are approved will receive a piece of beautiful jewelry (usually at a Dear Heart suggested retail price of $29.99 to$39.99) each time they recruit a Member.
  • Members must agree to conduct business in an honest and ethical manner.
  • Members must abide by and try to practice the Dear Heart principles and goals.

When and How Do Members Receive Their Free Jewelry?

  • Members must email the names, email addresses and dates to when their recruits became Members
  • After the recruited Member’s paid Membership is verified by the Dear Heart staff, the free jewelry will be mailed within seven days directly to the Member or to an area Group Leader/Manager (if there is a Group Leader/Manager in the Member’s area). NO MEMBERSHIP REFUND WILL BE GIVEN AFTER A MEMBER’S FREE JEWELRY HAS BEEN MAILED OUT OR RECEIVED BY THE MEMBER.
  • If the piece of jewelry is to be mailed directly to the Member, the Member will be required to pay a small shipping and handling fee of $2.45 prior to the mailing in the USA. Click here to pay the fee securely using Paypal:

  • If the piece of jewelry is to be given at the Group Leader’s residence/choice location or if it is to be delivered to the Member, the Member will be required to pay $2.00 to the Group Leader each time he or she picks up his or her jewelry or if the jewelry is delivered by the Group Leader.

How Can Members Benefit From The Free Jewelry Plan?

  • Members can keep their beautiful free jewelry to wear as a reminder of their commitment to Dear Heart and its principles and desire to change their heart and to grow in the spirit.
  • Members can gift the jewelry to others or sell any piece of the free jewelry they receive.
  • Members can have a profitable business selling the free jewelry for income, if desired.
  • Members can have a resource of jewelry for gifting during holidays/special occasions.
  • Members can use their jewelry for fundraising to raise money for special causes.
  • Members can sell their jewelry at wholesale or retail at any time, if they desire.
  • Members can take their jewelry to boutiques/auction houses to sell for them.
  • Members can host jewelry parties or have others host a party for them.

What Kind of Free Beautiful Jewelry Pieces Will Recruiting Members Receive?

Members will receive jewelry from a pool/resource of varied types of jewelry-mainly jewelry that represents or serves as a reminder of the Dear Heart goals of changing its Members hearts and lives and the hearts and lives of others for the better and trying to live the Fruits of the Spirit. Although many of the Dear Heart jewelry pieces will comprise hearts, love images, and other pieces of hope, faith, etc., Dear Heart will offer other beautiful jewelry pieces which it feels its Members might want. The kinds of jewelry pieces will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver Plated
  • Genuine Stones
  • Crystals
  • Rhinestones
  • Shells and Glass
  • Inspirational pieces
  • Heart pieces
  • Large Pendant Long Necklaces
  • Special Designs and More

How to Apply to be a Receiver of Beautiful Free Dear Heart Jewelry?

  • Go to the Dear Heart website (, which is a secure website.
  • Read the Dear heart principles, goals, policies, forums, etc. to see if they match your goals.
  • If you agree with the principles, direction, goals and terms of Dear Heart (to help change your heart and the hearts of others), pay the annual fee of $39.99 and become a Member.
  • Abide by the above outlined eligibility requirements.
  • Copy and complete application to be a Receiver, scan and forward to Southeastern Manager at Pay application fee of $15.00 on the website.



What Does A Group Leader Do?

Dear Heart’s Group Leaders will serve as hosts and receivers of the free jewelry to be disseminated to the Members at ‘Select Your Jewelry’ meetings if and when there is a Group Leader in the Members’ area. Group Leaders will also provide its recruited Members and other Members with new and updated information. When there is a Group Leader, the Group Leader will display the free jewelry pieces for the Members to select what they like. (In the absence of a Group Leader, Members will receive their jewelry selected by Dear Heart via mail).  Please refer to ‘DEAR HEART GROUP LEADER REQUIREMENTS’ for additional information.

What are the Benefits of Being A Group Leader:

Group Leaders can earn monetary fees in addition to free jewelry pieces, bonuses, and qualify for other positions and more opportunities. Please refer to ‘BENEFITS TO BEING A DEAR HEART GROUP LEADER’ for additional information.

How Members Can Become Group Leaders?

Please refer to ‘DEAR HEART GROUP LEADER REQUIREMENTS’ for additional information and consider becoming a Dear Heart Group Leader.

Who Can Benefit From Dear Heart’s Free (Gifted) Jewelry Plan?

  • Anyone who loves to wear beautiful jewelry
  • Anyone who wants to wear a symbol of love and his or her heart’s desires
  • Anyone who gives or would like to give jewelry to others
  • Anyone who would like having a resource of gifts during holidays and for special occasions
  • Anyone who wants a wonderful product to fundraise (church, charity, and/or other cause)
  • Anyone who wants to sell some of their free (gifted) jewelry and earn money
  • Anyone who wants to support Dear Heart’s Membership and its principles