To be a Dear Heart Group Leader, a Member must meet the following requirements:

  1. Agree to scan and email the completed Group Leader application to the South East Manager at (and pay a non-refundable application fee of $25 at after being approved). Applicants will be notified of decision within five (5) business days from submission. Click here to pay the fee securely using Paypal:

  2. Agree to and abide by Dear Heart’s policies and practice the Dear Heart Principles.
  3. Agree to conduct self in a manner that is in keeping with the Dear Heart Principles.
  4. Agree to write in the Forums at least three (3) times weekly (in different Forums).
  5. Encourage his or her recruited Members to write in at least three Forums per week.
  6. Let others know about Dear Heart (the website, principles, jewelry plans, etc.)
  7. Be a Member in good standing.
  8. Have recruited a minimum of Six (6) Members in good standing prior to application.
  9. Commit to meeting with personally-recruited Members periodically.
  10. Agree to receive and disseminate the free jewelry pieces to Members.
  11. Commit to emailing, phoning, or texting personally-recruited Members for Membership updates, encouragement, motivation and disseminating any needed or relevant information.
  12. Commit to holding ‘Select Your Jewelry’ times with Members who have earned jewelry.
  13. Agree to provide motivation to Members to increase Membership.
  14. Agree to keep accurate records regarding all Members personally recruited.
  15. Agree to keep accurate records of all personally-recruited Members.
  16. Agree to keep accurate records regarding each Member who earns a piece of jewelry.
  17. Agree to report any problems, inaccuracies, complaints, etc. to the Dear Heart staff immediately and explain the situation in writing by email.
  18. Agree to report any suggestions from Members regarding needed changes or how Dear Heart can improve its services or products.
  19. Agree to provide his or her recruited Members with updates or changes.
  20. Agree to inform/remind personally-recruited Members to submit the names and email addresses and date of paid Membership of their recruits in a timely manner (within five days) via the Dear Heart email address) with the subject line: New Member and include his or her name and email address as the recruiter.
  21. Agree to inform personally-recruited Members to also keep accurate records.
  22. Agree to maintain a recruitment of at least two (2) Members of good standing per month to retain Group Leader status.
  23. Agree to report to the Dear Heart Staff the work you are doing to promote Dear Heart so your efforts can be recognized/rewarded.