Any individual who becomes a Dear Heart Member could qualify to participate in Dear Heart’s Free Jewelry Plan.  The following outlines how Members can earn free Dear Heart jewelry:

  • Each time a Member recruits a person to become (and who becomes) a Member and maintains Membership, the recruiting Member will receive a beautiful piece of jewelry. Quite a number of the jewelry pieces will be sterling silver or sterling silver plated, genuine stones, and special design pieces. In some cases, the recruiting Member may have the opportunity to meet with a Group Leader to select a piece of jewelry of his or her choice. If there is no Group Leader in the Member’s area, Dear Heart will mail the Member a beautiful piece of jewelry selected by the Dear Heart staff within seven days. A small fee of $2.45 will be charged to the Member for shipping and handling costs. Click here to pay the fee securely using Paypal:

  • To recruit a Member, the Dear Heart Member is to email Dear Heart with the name of the recruit, his or her email address and the date of recruitment of each person he or she recruited. Also, the Member is to include his or her own name and email address to receive credit for the recruitment.
  • Each Member will have the discretion to sell the free jewelry he or she receives or keep the jewelry and wear it or give as a gift, especially during holidays and for special occasions.
  • Members may also have the opportunity to meet with other Members in his or her area and bring jewelry pieces to trade with one another.
  • Members will also be able to apply to purchase jewelry at wholesale prices in addition to receiving free jewelry for each and every person the Member recruits. Each applicant must agree to the requirements for purchasing wholesale jewelry and pay a Twenty-Five Dollar application fee.
  • Members will be responsible for any business or governmental requirements and/or any income tax reporting if applicable when selling the free jewelry to others.