The DEAR HEART platform is intended to provide its Members with a public forum to express themselves and their needs, desires, goals, etc. Also, the platform allows for public input /feedback.

In no way is DEAR HEART (which includes its Owner(s), staff, employees, or affiliates, etc.) guaranteeing or implying that DEAR HEART or any of its Members, advertisers or affiliates will provide a definite solution to any problem nor is it guaranteeing that any desire or goal will be achieved.

The platform and/or its Members offer spiritual support and prayers and food for thought to hopefully be helpful to some of its Members.

The DEAR HEART Platform and/or its owner(s), partners, or employees, nor its Members shall not be held liable for any of the teachings, claims, articles, features, advertised products or services, or writings, contests or statements, or outcomes in part or in its entirety whether they be in the Write in Your heart platform or in any other forum.

Members with certain problems or desires or who are in certain situations may need to consult a professional and are advised to do so if their individual circumstances seem to be affecting their lives or the lives of others in a detrimental way. Some problems could stem from an emotional environmental, or mental influence, or other influences, etc. and may need to be addressed by a professional; therefore, each Member is strongly advised and encouraged to seek professional advise if and when his or her problems are or seem to be overwhelming or if the potential for doing harm to self or others is possible, probable or likely. Such emotions/feelings as anxiety, depression, bipolar, suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, erratic or bulimic or anorexic behavior, delusions, hallucinations, etc., should be addressed by a profession immediately and, therefore, the DEAR HEART Platform/its owners, staff, and/or employees, etc., encourage its platform Members who are experiencing any of the aforesaid emotions, feelings, or behavior to seek professional help as soon as possible.

A professional may be able to treat or coordinate treatment/a treatment plan or prescribe medication to alleviate/address certain conditions/manifestations: SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP IF YOU ARE FEELING OVERWHELMED OR IF YOU ARE FEELING OUT OF CONTROL OR IF YOU FEEL LIKE HARMING YOURSELF OR ANOTHER, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR FEELINGS PERSIST. YOU MAY NEED MEDICAL/PROFESSIONAL INTERVENTION.

The names/terms DEAR HEART, Platform, Forum, Owners, Staff, Employees, We, Us, or Website can be used interchangeably regarding all content posted on the DEAR HEART Website, and are, likewise, used to absolve DEAR HEART and its staff, etc., from any and all liability resulting from writings, statements, claims, opinions or any detrimental, negative, or adverse outcome to anyone. The same applies to any and all writings, comments, suggestions, recommendations, referrals, etc., made in any forum. In addition, should a Member use, publicize, distribute, copy, scan, duplicate, disseminate, forward, make any facsimile, etc., of any Members’ writings as above, DEAR HEART will not be held liable—for such would be and is in violation of DEAR HEART’s policy.