Dear Heart endeavors to provide a site comprised of individuals who are seeking to change their lives and the world for the better based upon Christian and Spiritual values. Our Users and Members will be exposed to spiritual and uplifting teachings, encouragement, guidance, support, and hopefully, products and services that would be in keeping with the principles and goals of Dear Heart as well as products and services that meet the everyday needs of its Users/Members; therefore, Dear Heart welcomes advertisers to place Ads on the Dear Heart website. Because of the multitude of individuals seeking to improve their lives and live life more abundantly advertisers would find the Dear Heart website a very conducive venue to place Ads to reach its Users and Members from all walks of life. Dear Heart will make every effort to support the goals of its advertisers and to be flexible to the needs of its advertisers. With that in mind, Dear Heart can and will review its advertising pricing policies ongoingly and make needed pricing adjustments as deemed appropriate by the Dear Heart staff and its advisors. Also, Dear Heart reserves the right to change, delete or add to any of the Dear Heart advertising guidelines/policies herein written.

All Ads by prospective advertisers are subject to being reviewed by the Dear Heart staff. Although an Ad may be approved for display on the DEARHEART.WEBSITE within a few days, advertisers can be removed from the website at any time at the discretion of Dear Heart: Dear Heart has the express right to approve an Ad, deny an Ad, or remove an Ad for any reason that Dear Heart chooses. Ads already being displayed on the Dear Heart website that are removed can also result in the termination of the account of the company/entity placing the Ad. Advertisers should be aware of the principles of Dear Heart and how it is endeavoring to promote spirituality and a better way of life for its Users/Members and the world; with that in mind, each advertiser should be mindful of what might be frowned upon by the Dear Heart staff, i.e., that which is contrary to Dear Heart’s rules, intent, goals, etc. Advertisers will be held accountable to the Dear Heart Rights and Responsibilities and all of its policies and terms as well as its principles and/or its values and beliefs or goals.

Advertisers (and/or their Agents) must abide by any and all rules stipulated by Dear Heart for advertising on the Dear Heart website to include all rules, policies, terms, etc. including in Dear Heart’s Rights and Responsibilities for its Users/Members. Advertisers should refer to the Rights and Responsibilities’ section (for Users/Members) before undertaken placing an Ad on the Dear Heart website. In addition to complying with all State and Federal Laws and Regulations, the following rules must be adhered to:


  1. No Ads are permitted to promote violence, hate, disrespect, condescension, etc. toward any person or group (whether personal, religious, political, organization, company, etc.)
  2. No Ads can promote political candidates or campaigns or controversial social issues.
  3. No Ads containing nudity, adult toys or products, or material sexual in nature, etc., are permitted.
  4. No Ads that are vulgar, denigrating, incendiary, or foul in language can be used/displayed on the
  5. No Ads should display/promote images or describe content that is considered horrendous, scary, sensational, bloody, or otherwise which may be considered foul or obscene or objectionable by Dear Heart staff or its Users or its Members.
  6. No Ads can promote or sell tobacco or tobacco-related products.
  7. No Ads can promote or sell alcoholic beverages.
  8. No Ads can promote or sell any weapons or related products.
  9. No Ads can promote or sell any illegal or unsafe products (or services making use of such) to include illegal, recreational, or prescription drugs.
  10. No Ads should exploit anyone or make reference to anyone’s individual traits, disability, race, criminal status, gender preference, financial status, or provide any information which may be deemed private or sensitive or not in good taste for publication.
  11. No Ads are permitted that violate/infringe upon any material that has been copyrighted, trademarked, or infringe or violate any other personal or proprietary rights of another to include person or company or other entity.
  12. No Ads should be misleading, deceptive, fraudulent, or otherwise misrepresent a product/service, claim, outcome or result, etc.
  13. No Ads of products or services deemed inappropriate/unsuitable by Dear Heart or which are illegal by law are to be displayed, described, or presented in any form.
  14. No Ads that use a platform for dating or meeting others socially are permitted; however, Dear Heart reserves the right to permit Ads for Christian dating and socializing in the future with written permission if and when they meet with Dear Heart’s approval.
  15. No Ads are to use videos unless expressly given written permission by Dear Heart, and, then, will still be held to Dear Heart’s forbiddance of alcohol, drugs, violence, nudity, foul language, inappropriately targeting minors, or conveying anything that is illegal, etc.
  16. No Ads should request a User’s/Member’s personal data to include social security number, driver’s license, financial data, account numbers or identifiers to include user names and passwords, ethnicity, health status, political affiliation or any other information deemed inappropriate by the Dear Heart staff.
  17. No Ads should contain large amounts of text.
  18. No Ads should ever misuse or alter the Dear Heart logo or name in written form if given written permission to use. The name must be written as Dear Heart or DEAR HEART.
  19. No Ads should ever use the Dear Heart logo in place of the Dear Heart name.
  20. No Ads should include non-functioning landing pages or nonexistent functionality.
  21. No Ads are to be threatening, libelous, unlawful, or slanderous, or insulting in nature.
  22. No Ads should contain inaccurate information, descriptions, or unsubstantiated claims regarding product/service, its performance, costs, outcome, or results.
  23. No Ads should disregard the Dear Heart principles and goals and the goals of its Users/Members, i.e., their desire and goals to better themselves and the world.
  24. No Ads should pose any potential or real risk or harm to anyone whether in image or words.
  25. No Ads are without scrutiny by the Dear Heart staff and may be blocked at any time.


  1. No Ads should represent any particular relationship or partnership with Dear Heart or having received any endorsement by Dear Heart unless the advertiser has expressly received written confirmation of such from Dear Heart beforehand.
  2. No Ads linking to or from the Dear Heart website or appearing on other sites should misrepresent Dear Heart and its rules or principles or goals.
  3. No Ads should use the Dear Heart logo, trademark, copyrighted material, or any of its contents to promote the advertiser’s product/service unless it (the advertiser) is given express written permission by Dear Heart in writing beforehand.
  4. No Ads should use/transfer any Dear Heart content or content written by its Users/Members.
  5. No Ads are to use any of Dear Heart’s copyrighted or trademarked material to include its logo for the advertiser’s personal agenda or goals.
  6. No Ads are to use any copyrighted or trademarked material belonging to another entity (whether person or company).

Dear Heart’s Payment Scheme

Dear Heart welcomes advertisers to its advertising program. As a newly launched website, Dear Heart endeavors to give its potential advertisers the opportunity to discover how the Dear Heart website might meet their individual needs by offering a limited discount for the cost of advertising space on its site. We want you, as an advertiser, to test drive our effectiveness to see if we are a match for your goals and needs; therefore, for the first three months/until price is adjusted or method of charging changes thereafter, the following charges will apply:

Using the cost of advertising/traffic, a $20.00 per month charge will apply
1 Month Payment:

Monthly Subscription:

To send the banner images or to answer any questions, feel free to contact us.

Ad Banner sizes will be 125×125 (Square Button) in 3 locations

Dear Heart reserves the right to price advertising charges as it deems appropriate for individuals, groups,
industries, specific plans, etc. according to individual needs and specifications of each advertiser.